Rules for the Acceleration Plan


The Acceleration Plan  ( ) adopts innovative designs as well as lower fees to help users recover their mining investment rapidly and react quickly to the changing market conditions.


Premise concept

Net output: mining output minus electricity fee, in the US dollars[1].

Cumulative net output: after the plan started running, the net output will be calculated every day, and adding up the net outputs are accumulated output.


Standard of cost-recovery

Payback progress P = Cumulative net output/Total Computing Power Fee of the Plan

The payback progress will be updated each day, when P≥100%, we consider it as the break-even point[3].


Revenue Distribution Rule

Phase 1- Before the break-even point:

Users get all the mining output during this phase.

Phase 2- After the break-even point:

Follow a fixed sharing ratio (find in order page ), For each time the pool pays, users and Bitdeer will share the net output, If the net output is negative, there would be no sharing to Bitdeer.


[1]. The 'Net output' and 'Cumulative net output' are calculated in US dollars according to the exchange rate of 12:00 AM, UTC+0 each day.

About the exchange rate:

The weighted average result of the BTC-USDT price is sampled from seven leading exchanges (Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Gemini, Kraken, Itbit, and LMAX Digital) at 12:00 AM, UTC+0. 

[2]. As Bitdeer needs more time to double-check the plan's revenue and cost-recovery rate, If the plan's revenue balance reaches the minimum threshold value of the pool today, the pool would pay you on the third day, meaning there will be one day postponed for users to get the payment. 

For how to check payback record and payment record:

[3]. Before Payback, if the plan daily output ≤ the electricity fee, the Net Output will be calculated as 0;

[4]. Once P≥100%,the phase 2 would start, and the whole process is irreversible.

[5] Switch pool is not available for acceleration plans.

[6].  Bitdeer reserves all the right for the final explanation.



Suppose a 360 days acceleration plan computing power fee is 1000$(principal), and the electricity fee is 5$/Day, the pool paying threshold value is 0.001 btc, After the plan started running:

Suppose the 1st-day mining output =0.001 btc, and the exchange rate of 12:00 AM that day is 8000$, so the cumulative net output = 0.001*8000-5 = 3$,P=3/1000 = 0.3%,and the pool will pay the 1st-day output 0.001btc on the 3rd day.

Suppose the 2nd-day mining output =0.001 btc, and the exchange rate of 12:00 AM that day is 9000$,so the cumulative net output = (0.001*9000-5)+3 = 7$,P=7/1000 = 0.7%,and the pool will pay the 2nd-day output 0.001 btc on the 4th day.


The cumulative net output would calculate in this way, and payback progress P will be updated every after the pool pays, till say on the 200th day, the  cumulative net output reaches 1010$, P =1010/1000*100%=101%, and we consider the 200th day as the break-even point. It comes to phase 2, users and Bitdeer would share the daily net output for the rest of the 160 days.

Suppose 201st-day mining output =0.0015 btc, according to the exchange rate  that day is (Say 10000$),  the electricity fee=0.0005 btc, the net output is 0.0015-0.0005 = 0.001 btc, for a 50-50 sharing ratio, the 50% of the net output(0.0005btc) goes to Bitdeer and user will get the rest 0.001 btc. 

Tips for electricity fee payment

Bitdeer offers a flexible payment mechanism for electricity fees so that users can select the best payment strategy in the context of price fluctuation. Even if the daily earnings are less than the electricity fee, users can also continue to mine the cryptocurrency in an improving market environment. 


Description of mining outputs

The daily mining outputs are made variable by two factors including the mining difficulty and the operation and management level of mining equipment. The first factor is unpredictable and uncontrollable, but Bitdeer can always deploy the most sophisticated dispatching technology and make the utmost effort to guarantee the operation of our data center at its best capacity.