Bitdeer Launches a New, Surprising Mining Pool Option- Poolin! May 25, 2022 09:28

Dear Bitdeer users,

We announced a new mining pool —— Poolin. The unveiling of this amazing option will furnish customers with more pool choices. This fantastic crypto mining pool will be accessible on our website on May 25th.

Poolin mining pool, which launched in November 2017, offers BTC, ETH, LTC, and ZEC pooling services. In view of its steady mining service and higher mining benefits, it provides a stable and convenient mining solution for its customers along with its features like split earnings, hashrate transfer, pool account, electricity bill export electricity load keeper etc.

Through mining pools, miners combine their individual computational resources with those of the other members, which enhances their joint processing power, and helps to increase their chances of finding a block at the group level, compared to that at the individual level, to achieve the desired output faster. This makes it increasingly difficult for solo miners to find blocks, making pooling an efficient and effective alternative with the added Poolin feature from Bitdeer, and there are more pool choices to choose from.

We has formed strategic alliances with the world's leading mining pools and has the most experienced miner facilities and management staff. It provides a secure and reliable service to consumers. Other mining pools that collaborate with Bitdeer include F2Pool, ViaBTC, BTC.TOP,, and AntPool — five of the best mining pools from which users might pick. Working with these leading pools allows its miners to get away from the stress of running through nodes, bringing about higher mining success rates, lower costs, and more predictable returns from the pool in the future. 

Customers may choose from a number of different sharing plans and mining pools on Bitdeer. The mining pools will create accounts for consumers when they purchase their programs. The mining pools will deposit earnings into the selected account when each account's revenue surpasses the minimal level. If customers wish to switch pool, just do the following simple steps: Hashrate List — Manage — Switch Pool — Dashboard tab.

Customers can get customized help from the knowledgeable sales staff of Bitdeer in person or online. To ensure customers have the best experience possible, they will help with choosing and setting up the pool.

Bitdeer is focused on helping its customers with their initial steps into the crypto mining realm, as well as any further moves.


Bitdeer Team