Bitdeer VI Upgrade with Millions of FREE Coupons Jun 29, 2021 00:00

Dear Bitdeer users,


To celebrate the VI upgrade of the Bitdeer page, we have specially launched benefit activities to reward all users.


Event time: 2021.6.29 12:00 - 2020.7.2 23:59 (UTC+8)


Benefit 1:Login Reward


1. For all users who registered before June 29, 2021, log in to the Bitdeer account during this event will get a 5-100 USD hashrate fee coupon as a gift;

2. The coupon will be automatically issued to "My Coupons" after login.

Note: For accounts that are not logged into during the event will not be eligible for the coupon.

Benefit 2: Consumption Reward

1.Purchasing the S19Pro acceleration plan during the event, conform to the below rules and win free hashrate fee coupons back, up to $30,000.

2.The hashrate fee coupon can be used universally and will be issued after the event complete in 10 working days.

3.Rules to win the hashrate fee coupon:



Bitdeer reserves the right to the final interpretation.


For any queries, please feel free to contact the official customer service team: [email protected].


Bitdeer Team

June 29, 2021