Adjustment of Cloud Hosting Order Settlement Jan 16, 2022 00:00

Dear Bitdeer users,
To better facilitate users to manage the revenue of cloud hosting orders, Bitdeer makes the following adjustments to the cloud hosting revenue distribution rules:
Adjustment of Settlement: The settlement of all cloud hosting orders is adjusted to be settled by order revenue, no longer by group revenue.

For example:
User places 2 orders of 10 miners (Order 1) + 15 miners (Order 2) in a cloud hosting A group respectively, count total 25 miners.
Before the adjustment: in a settlement circle, the user in the cloud hosting A group of 'My Receivable Revenue' part reaches the minimum threshold (for threshold: 0.005 BTC), the mining pool will pay the revenue directly - that is, the user in this settlement circle will receive total mining revenue of these 25 mining miners. (i.e. Order 1 and Order 2 revenue will be added together, combined and paid when the sum revenue reaches the minimum threshold of the mining pool.)
After the adjustment: in a settlement cycle, each order of this user with it 'My Receivable Revenue' part in cloud hosting A group will be paid after reaches the minimum threshold itself (for minimum threshold: 0.005 BTC). That is, user will be paid after the revenue of 10 miners in Order 1 has reached the minimum threshold 0.005 BTC; the revenue of 15 miners in Order 2 has reached the minimum threshold 0.005 BTC by the mining pool. (i.e., Order 1 and Order 2 are independent of each other, and the Receivable Revenue will be paid only when they reach the minimum threshold of the mining pool respectively)
For more details, please refer to Bitdeer official website -> My Miner -> Hosting List -> Distribution Record.
If you have additional questions or concerns, please always feel free to contact our customer service group - [email protected].