Bind Matrixport with your account and enjoy $0 fee payments Jan 19, 2022 10:24

Dear Bitdeer users,

We’d like to show you how to pay ZERO transaction fees when making a payment on our platform:

Step 1: Download the Matrixport APP if you haven’t already (Invitation Code: A7Z8K9)
Step 2: Bind Matrixport to your Bitdeer account (Guide)

If you want to go further, simply switch on the auto-renew electricity fee function (Guide

As a Bitdeer user, you can receive the following benefits when you register a Matrixport account with this Invitation link.
▶ New users enjoy 30% APY Fixed Income, with an extra $15 cash reward! ( $5000 upper limit);
▶ New users enjoy 10% Bonus Yield when you invest in Dual Currency product (5% if you are an existing user), applicable for orders within a 4-day tender, $10,000 upper limit;
▶ New users enjoy 2x$10 Dual Currency added-in-value when you invest over $500 or more in Dual Currency in a single transaction, applicable for orders within a 4-day tender, no upper limit;
▶ Access to exclusive short mining plans: 20TH/s;  30-Day.

Disclaimer: Bitdeer and Matrixport are two individual entities. This offer is brought to you by our joint partnership. However, benefits provided by Matrixport are not warranted by Bitdeer. 

Contact us via [email protected] if you have any feedback or concerns.

Bitdeer Team
19 Jan 2022