Bind Matrixport with your account and enjoy $0 fee payments Jan 19, 2022 10:24

Dear Bitdeer users,

We’d like to show you how to pay ZERO transaction fees when making a payment on our platform:

Step 1: Download the Matrixport APP if you haven’t already (Invitation Code: A7Z8K9)
Step 2: Bind Matrixport to your Bitdeer account (Guide)

If you want to go further, simply switch on the auto-renew electricity fee function (Guide

As a Bitdeer user, you can receive the following benefits when you register a Matrixport account with this Invitation link.
▶ New users enjoy 30% APY Fixed Income, with an extra $15 cash reward! ( $5000 upper limit);
▶ New users enjoy 10% Bonus Yield when you invest in Dual Currency product (5% if you are an existing user), applicable for orders within a 4-day tender, $10,000 upper limit;
▶ New users enjoy 2x$10 Dual Currency added-in-value when you invest over $500 or more in Dual Currency in a single transaction, applicable for orders within a 4-day tender, no upper limit;
▶ Access to exclusive short mining plans: 20TH/s;  30-Day.

Disclaimer: Bitdeer and Matrixport are two individual entities. This offer is brought to you by our joint partnership. However, benefits provided by Matrixport are not warranted by Bitdeer. 

Contact us via support@bitdeer if you have any feedback or concerns.

Bitdeer Team
19 Jan 2022