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Filecoin/540일수/8T/FIL-클래식클라우드 해시레이트 플랜 HOT

해시레이트 비용: 80.0000 FIL
충전 기간: 0 일수
자체 실행Bitdeer, 24 시간 이내 예상 시작이 제공하는 해시레이트 및 애프터 서비스

장기 기관 고객을 위한 완벽한 채굴 솔루션

클라우드 해시레이트 플랜은 기관 고객에게 쉽고 효율적인 채굴 솔루션을 제공합니다. 자체 채굴 장비를 소유하거나 운영, 유지하지 않고도 고성능의 채굴을 즐기실 수 있습니다. 또한 클라우드 해시레이트 플랜은 선호하는 채굴기 모델, 플랜 기간 및 해시레이트 용량을 선택할 수 있는 선택의 유연성을 제공합니다. 클릭 몇 번으로 채굴을 시작하고, 채굴 아웃풋을 언제든지 모니터링할 수 있습니다.

플랜 세부정보
플랜 모드: 클래식
기술 서비스 비용: 20%
예상 시작 시간: 24 시간
플랜 기간: 540일수 + 180일수
양: 8T
통화: FIL
서약 코인 포함: 44.32000000 FIL
지급 사이클: 매일 가장 빨리
운영시간: 100%

자주 묻는 질문

1. How many parts does the Computing Power Plan's cost consist of?
The cost of Computing Power Plan is separated into computing power service fee (abbreviated as hashrate fee) and pledge coins. When placing the order, only the plan fee needs to be paid. The pledge coins in the plan will be returned to the users 3 natural days of the service ending.
2. How to calculate the mining revenue of the Plan?
Bitdeer does not make any commitment to the future revenue of the Plan, but provides a static calculation method as a reference. The static calculation method assumes that the future cryptocurrency price, the difficulty of the entire network, and the block reward are all static and unchanged to estimate the mining revenue and other indicator data.
3. What is the purchase process of Computing Power Plan?
The purchase process is as follows: select a Plan → select cryptocurrency → add wallet address → ​​submit order → select payment method → ​​complete payment in full within 6 hours.
4. Can I switch the wallet address after the Plan starts mining?
After the plan becomes effective and the mining starts, you can switch your address by going to [My Hashrate - Hashrate List - Hashrate Details].
5. What payment methods are supported now?
Currently supported payment methods are: cryptocurrency payment (BTC/BCH/ETH/USDT(OMNI)/USDT(ERC20)/USDC(ERC20)/LTC) and fiat currency payment (USD telegraphic transfer), you can choose the payment method by yourself, please pay attention to sufficient transfer fees.
6. After the Plan starts to mine, how to check the real-time hashrate and payment status of the Plan?
After the Plan becomes active, Bitdeer will connect the hashrate to your designated mining pool; after having mined the cryptocurrencies, the mining pool will send directly to your wallet address; you can go through 'My Hashrate → Hashrate list → Data Source' to view real-time hashrate and output payment records. Check detail >
7. What is the difference between the Classic Mode Plan and the Accelerator Mode Plan?
In the classic mode, you will get all cryptocurrencies output in the entire mining duration; in the accelerator mode, you can recover the cost faster, and after the cost is recovered, you will get the proportion of the net profit of the mining output. Rules for the Acceleration Plan >
8. What currencies are supported now?
Currently supported currencies are: BTC/BCH/LTC/ETH/XCH/DCR/ZEC/DASH/ETC/CKB/FIL.The mining currency of the LTC plan is LTC+DOGE, that is, LTC plan gives away DOGE coin as a bonus.Please be advised that a. please set valid LTC and DOGE address before placing an LTC plan order, and the DOGE address should be using DOGE blockchain address, other chains are not supported; b. The pool threshold value for LTC is 0.001, for DOGE is 1, If you choose the receiving address of an exchange platform, please consult their minimum deposit amount in advance to avoid coin lost.

면책 조항

Legal Statement
The services provided by Bitdeer are not available to the following (each, a "Restricted Person"): 1) residents in the following countries or regions: the United States, Mainland China, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria; or 2) any entities or individuals that are restricted under applicable trade sanctions and export compliance laws. Before using the services provided by Bitdeer, please confirm that you are not a Restricted Person. In the event that you are a Restricted Person and you use the services provided by Bitdeer, all legal risks and liabilities caused by or arising from such usage shall be entirely borne by you, and Bitdeer shall have the right to refuse to provide services to you, and you shall not be entitled to ask Bitdeer to provide any refund.
As specified in our terms of use, once an order has been paid, it is unchangeable and non-refundable.
Bitdeer's products are all priced in USD. The products can be paid in numerous digital currencies and the payment amount is subject to the real-time exchange rate.
Computer Power Fluctuations
Fluctuations in computing power are inevitable. Bitdeer will not be responsible for fluctuations caused by unstable networks, network failures, miner performance, etc.
Uncontrollable Risks
Bitdeer will not be responsible for any results that arise from uncontrollable risks, including but not limited t natural disasters such as floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, fires, storms, other weather events that can be assessed at the unforeseen or higher, government actions or directives, city-level grid power supply incidents as well as social actions or conflicts such as war, strikes, riots, etc.
Fair Use of Computing Power
Any misuse of computing power purchased on Bitdeer, such as attacking a network, is strictly prohibited. Bitdeer reserves the right to revoke your computing power plan if any illegal activity occurs.

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