Declare Your Love for Bitdeer and Get Coupon for Free – May 14 14.05.2019 00:00

Dear users,


Network Valentine's Day is coming soon and your love would be the best gift for Bitdeer . To celebrate the Network Valentine's Day, Bitdeer encourages you to declare your love by sending us photos or videos. We’ll reward participants with a mining days extension coupon and select good works to make a short celebration video. 


Details of the activity are as follows:

1.    Duration: 2019/5/11 12:00 -2019/5/20 23:59 (UTC+8)

2.    How to participate


Step 1:Take a selfie or a video according to the following requirements.

Selfie: Take a selfie of you holding a piece of cardboard with a phrase or sentence about Bitdeer (e.g.”Bitdeer User”/ “BitDeer is Awesome”/ “Love Bitdeer”) or with Bitdeer logo. 

Video: Take a video of you with a camera phone or webcam to declare your love for Bitdeer (e.g. I’m (Name) from (Country/City) and I'm a BitDeer user, BitDeer is awesome!)


Step 2: Send the selfie or video to [email protected] (from your Bitdeer account email).

3.    RewardA mining days extension coupon (For T15 plans). The reward will be sent to your Bitdeer account within 14 working days after we receive your photo/video. One coupon for one account only.


We will select a few excellent videos/photos to make a short video. We look forward to receiving your talented works. Please join and get a free coupon! 

Bitdeer Team

May 14, 2019